Chair: Mr. Kevin Weidinger, is CEO of Laudan Properties, LLC. A preservation, inspection and maintenance organization. In addition he operates a group of successful distribution companies in Ohio and New York.

Chair of Communications:Mr. Mark Roshon is the owner of Tornado Technologies,a full service software and technology development company,

Chair of the Hatchery Committee: Mr. Jeff Wood is CEO of Integrated Marketing Technologies which provides a fully integrated and comprehensive array of sales and marketing support services to their clients. Mr. Wood is also the acting chair of the Entrepreneur’s Journey Committee

Chair of Programs: Mr. Brendan Breen is with Cyrid Media, a digital marketing company. He also owns a custom motorcycle manufacturing company.

Chair of Membership: Ms. Regina Olbinsky is President and CEO of the Career Group, an executive assessment and coaching practice.

Chair of Finance and Resources: Mr. Bill Skaryd is owner of Hospitality Sales. Mr. Skaryd has experience as the owner of a CPA firm in addition to his entrepreneurial activities.

At large Member: Mr. Andrew Connors is a partner at Fairport Asset Management, a Wealth Management firm.

At large Member: Mr. Paul Klug is a partner with the law firm Ziegler, Metzger, and Miller.

At large Member: Mr. Robert Valente is the Vice Chairman of the Sequoia Financial Group, a fee only Wealth Management Group.

At large Member: Ms. Lee Ann Howard is the CEO of Howard & O’Brien Associates, a retained search firm specializing in C level executive.