Provide continuous support to members of the Entrepreneurs Association. The committees are guided by members who volunteer their time and expertise to assist the association in achieving its goals.

Our Standing Committees include:

  • The Membership Committee, chaired by Regina Olbinsky, admits new members, maintains the standards for membership, sets dues prices, and reviews the applications for membership.
  • The Program Committee, chaired by Brendan Breen, develops programming to support members in the growth, management, and development of their businesses. These programs bring members together throughout the year, creating networking and learning opportunities.
  • The Communications Committee, chaired by Mark Roshon, facilitates communication with and among members and with the community at large.
  • The Finance and Resources Committee, chaired by Bill Skaryd, monitors the financial status of the organization and ensures the financial resources necessary to accomplish the mission on behalf of members.
  • The Entrepreneurs Journey Committee, chaired by Jeff Wood, shares the lessons learned of members real life experiences as they discuss a dilemma with a panel of members from a list
  • The Hatchery Committee, chaired by Jeff Wood, coordinates the relationship between entrepreneurial students in the University and the Association by providing Mentors for Hatchery students, Classroom Speakers, Judges for contests, and coaches for student activities.